About Igor Zhivilo

Hi, my name is Igor!

I am Software Engineer with a passion for infrastructure, cloud security and new technologines in general. Passionate to build a new things and solving interesting problems using modern technologies.

Started to write the code professionaly from 2009 on ASP.net | Angular.js | Ruby on Rails | PHP | Python, being full stack developer -> backend developer -> infra developer -> DevOps eventually.

From 2018 I started to focus on Devops/SRE/Infra development. Mostly working with AWS and Kubernetes.

Trying to share my experience as much as possible on my blog

I am AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate.

Working on my CKA certificate currently.

Freelance and Consulting

Technologies I have experience with:

  • Automation with Terraform / CDK / CloudFormation
  • AWS Services: S3 / EC2 / Autoscaling Groups / EFS / EBS / IAM / VPC / EKS / Lambda / ClouFormation / CloudFront / Route53 …
  • Jenkins / CircleCI / Travis CI / Github Actions
  • ELK Stack
  • Monitoring with Prometheus / Grafana
  • Python / Ruby / Ruby on Rails / Shell Scripts / PowerShell …
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Vault
  • Packer

Services I provide:


  • Kubernetes consulting

  • Migrate/Deploy an application to k8s
    • Dockerize your application
    • Create k8s yaml resources for your application
    • Build helm chart
  • Securing k8s cluster

  • Apply k8s best practices

  • Setup and configure monitoring system for k8s cluster

  • Deploy and configure Vault to k8s cluster including backups


  • Provision k8s cluster
    • Terraform
    • CDK
    • eksctl + CloudFormation
  • Provision AWS Services with:
    • Terraform
    • CDK
    • CloudFormation


  • Provision and setup cost-optimized CI/CD, Jenkins to EKS

  • Pipeline Migration to Jenkins from
    • Github Actions
    • Circle-CI
    • Travis-CI
  • Create New pipelines for Jenkins on k8s

Send me email to [email protected]

Please feel free to reach me also on:

My medium account

All the opinions in this blog are mine and only mine.