Side Projects

Vault Backup (Python)

You can use it to:

  • Dump all your secrets as encrypted dump.
  • Get a list of your secrets.
  • Print all secrets nicely.
  • Print secrets from dump.
  • Populate Vault from dumps to a specific ‘vault_prefix’.

You can read how to create scheduled backup with Jenkis in this post

Build CI/CD of the future with Kubernetes (AWS EKS) and Jenkins

Series of tutorials with code examples about how to build CI/CD of the future using Kubernetes/Jenkins/AWS

CKA Exercises

Series of exercises to help you better prepare for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam.

Highlearn - school system for managing course grades (Ruby on Rails)

  • The system allows other systems to create and modify Students, Teachers, Courses and Grades
  • The system provides statistical calculations over this data.
  • The communication with the system is RESTful over HTTP.

Example of ETL ( Extract, transform, load like) on GCP

Building a basic ETL ( Extract, transform, load like) using GCP services - Cloud Functions(serverless), PubSub, DataFlow, BigQuery

Multiple other project you can find on my github account