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Perfect PR process on Github with Jenkins CI, multi-branch pipeline, and autostatus plugin

I am building a new CI/CD pipeline based on Kubernetes and Jenkins, I am also migrating jobs from CircleCi to Jenkins and one of the things I liked in CircleCI is the status returned to Pull request on Github for every stage of the pipeline.

This is how it looks like

As you can see for each stage: build / build-rpm / docs / size / test CircleCI returns status, meaning status per stage.

Looks good, but how can you implement this kind of behavior in Jenkins with the multibranch pipeline?

Struggling to find the answer to these questions I came up with this solution, which I will showcase in this post.

Preventing lock of table during migration using LHM (Large Hadron Migrator)

Problem definition

Running migration which adds column to a table which has a couple million of records may be problematic, because of lock of this table during migration. Let’s say it not only may be problematic - it was problematic, because of this problem our server was down for a couple of minutes and SQL server was restarted, so to solve this problem we using ‘LHM’ gem - Large Hadron Migrator